Information analyst / Assistant of educational department

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assistant-of-educational-departmentFast growing international e-commerce company is looking for Information analyst / Assistant of educational department (trainings and blogs in Amazon, Ebay, Ecommerce marketplace & ecommerce space)

Jobs mission:  To Study big trainings, read blogs & facebook groups and to dig out best strategies, techniques, best practices&ideas that will be implemented in our company. To compress big volumes of information in small easy to read 1-2 pages docs. To Become an Expert in Amazon marketplace & ecommerce space.


  • Study video&audio trainings, read blogs and manuals

  • Filter out useless information

  • Make an easy to implement report on studied trainings, blogs and manuals for CEO and other employees.

  • Report should contain everything about presented in training materials strategies, techniques, practices and ideas in pure forms.

  • Systematize all training materials and reports on them. It should be easy to find, easy to learn, easy to use.

  • Divide information into parts for different company’s departments.

  • Set up control system of knowledge assimilation in team.


Our expectations:

  • Excellent english — oral and written. All training materials will be in English.

  • Excellent Russian.

  • Higher education.

  • Teaching experience in institutes & universities  or graduate school will be big plus.

  • Experience in writing papers, articles, abstracts, diplomas and other research papers.

  • Ability to analyse huge volumes of information, compress it in small but informative report.

  • The ability to present complex information in a very simple understandable format.

  • Filter the useless chatter of qualitative information.

  • Blind Seal 200 characters per minute.

  • Assiduity, punctuality, attentiveness to details

  • Be ready to watch video at least 4-5 hours a day.

  • Be ready to perform the test task, which will take you up to 2 hours


What we offer:

  • Ability to work remotely via the Internet.

  • Full employment. 8-hours working day

  • Flexible work schedule.

  • Professional growth.

  • Career prospects.

  • Stable and decent income.


Additional information about the company:

  • We only work via the Internet; we have no office and no physical retail outlets.

  • All trade is conducted via the Internet in such countries as Canada, USA, France.

  • We work and communicate via Skype, Slack, email, and Wrike platforms.

  • The company is young and growing rapidly; we are 5 years on the market.

  • Well established friendly international team.

  • 10% of revenues go to charity.


Attention! The final step includes checking references from your peers and employers over the past 7-10 years. Please be prepared to provide the necessary contact information.

Email your CV to

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